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Bush burning with smoke and two people with air blowers.

Cultural burning on conservation site protects endangered Persoonia

30 Mar 2023

Cultural burning practices have been used for thousands of years to manage bushfire risks and promote biodiversity. 

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) and Aus Eco Solutions did a controlled burn on a conservation agreement site in the Hunter Valley in spring to help protect a patch of the critically endangered shrub, Persoonia pauciflora

Woman and man look at leaves for weed management.

Biodiversity Conservation Trust helps make a weed management plan for conservation site

30 Mar 2023

When Logan Zingus bought his NSW mid coast property a few years ago he was impressed by the large areas of beautiful, lush rainforest covering the land.  

After signing an in-perpetuity private conservation agreement with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) he noticed what he thought to be acres of pristine native vegetation contained a growing number of privet, lantana and other ground and vine weeds. 

Group of adults and school children stand outside holding books.

Conservation Champions brings biodiversity to life for Berridale students

27 Mar 2023

As concern for the future of our environment and unique biodiversity continues to grow it's increasingly important we find ways to encourage young people to be interested, informed and involved.  

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust’s (BCT) Conservation Champions education program meets this challenge head on by giving regional students the opportunity to learn about the importance of biodiversity conservation.