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Supporting the private land conservation community

The private land conservation network across NSW is significant and growing. Thousands of landholders now manage a patchwork of land under a range of agreement types.

Placing land under an agreement, even on part of a property, is a big commitment. The BCT acknowledges this commitment, and we seek to support people in managing their conservation agreements and achieving their goals.

The agreements we support are shaped according to specific sites and landscapes. Our local staff, who know and live in the region, support agreement holders in a variety of ways.

We can provide practical advice on conservation management, help problem solve, source technical information on management and assist with monitoring ecological outcomes. 

What does a BCT agreement holder have access to?

  • links to conservation groups and supportive organisations
  • events to link up with like-minded neighbours and local groups
  • peer to peer learning opportunities
  • research partnerships with universities
  • accessible regional teams in locations around the state
  • regular times to book in with your staff contact
  • email updates on topics of interest and upcoming events
  • advice relating to your agreement
  • grants and financial support
  • access to training or special events
  • equipment loan
  • tools for monitoring change

We appreciate the chance to share in your successes and learn more so we can build our knowledge of practical conservation management. We share in the discovery of a new species of plant or animal, we can help you log species, record sightings or link with organisations across Australia.

We recognise that challenges arise, natural disasters occur and sometimes things don’t go to plan. Our staff aim to be available and flexible to assist you in responding and managing through these times. We can also link you up with experienced staff in other agencies who can assist in emerging issues.

To get in touch with your regional staff,
email [email protected] or call us on 1300 992 688.

BCT staff held an event for landholders in the Sydney Hunter region to learn about biodiversity conservation and the different Programs the BCT has to offer.

Outcomes to date

Landholder Support Program dashboard data as at 31 March 2024
Landholder Support Program dashboard data as at 31 March 2024