About the course

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) conservation land management e-learning modules offer landholders an opportunity to educate and upskill at their own pace, online. 

The course has been developed by the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust’s Education team in partnership with the NSW Department of Primary Industries' Tocal College to complement existing conservation management guidelines and resources, webinar content and the conservation management plans of agreement-holders.


There is no prior learning or other eligibility requirements. The course is free and open to landholders managing a site to increase its conservation value, or with an interest in conservation land management. It requires you to register on the website of our learning provider Tocal College below.

Course fees

There is no cost. All online study modules are delivered free.

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Study all the e-learning modules of our land management course, or those most relevant to your conservation goals. Enrolment is free and requires you to register on the website of our learning provider Tocal College.

Module 1: Introduction to Biodiversity Conservation

This module explains what biodiversity is, its importance to society and how the topics covered in the course are integral to its protection.

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Module 2: Grazing

Learn how to use grazing alongside, or to support, conservation goals and enhance biodiversity on your property.

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Module 3: Management of human disturbance and infrastructure

Learn how to appropriately manage existing infrastructure, install essential infrastructure for the protection of biodiversity, and lessen impacts of human disturbance.

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Module 4: Vegetation management

Learn the basics of managing existing vegetation, and how to apply restoration principles when improving vegetation and habitat quality on your property.

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Module 5: Monitoring

Learn methods of measuring and monitoring biodiversity on your property and why it is important for conservation management.

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Module 6: Supplementary habitat

Learn how providing supplementary habitat including rocks, logs and artificial hollows can help native animals on your property.

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Module 7: Fire management

Learn about the ecological and cultural importance of fire management on your property and how it can be applied to enhance biodiversity.

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Module 8: Hydrology

Learn how the hydrology on your property is interlinked with biodiversity with practical tips on erosion management and dam enhancement.

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Module 9: Weed management

Learn how to holistically control weeds to restore biodiversity, build resilience in native vegetation and improve defence against future outbreaks.

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Module 10: Pest management

Learn how to holistically control pests with the objective of improving native biodiversity and encouraging pest resilient ecosystems on your property.

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