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Plains wanderer landholder Thomas Holt

Riverina landholders sign up to plains-wanderer land conservation

28 Feb 2024

The small light-brown plains-wanderer might look unremarkable, but it is so unique it is placed in an entire family of its own, Pedionomidae.

It has earned the nickname, the 'Goldilocks bird' because conditions need to be just right for it to survive. Those conditions are of course a very specific type of grazing habitat found in remote areas of south-western NSW and across land also prized for its agricultural use.

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NSW kicking goals in private land conservation

14 Feb 2024

The NSW Government is proud to be making a major contribution to the conservation of important native species and habitats by supporting private landholders to enter into conservation agreements with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

Trust's annual report shows that in the last financial year, the NSW Government committed ongoing funding to 16 new landholders to manage more than 91,000 hectares of protected land.