Why should I get involved?


The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) works with landholders to enter into private land conservation agreements. As well as contributing to environment protection, there are many benefits for landholders. Landholders can benefit from improved production outcomes, a secondary income stream and technical support from the BCT.

Protecting biodiversity and the natural environment on your land can provide benefits by strengthening productive farms and the surrounding area by:

  • drought proofing
  • retention of top soil
  • soil moisture control
  • pest management
  • shelter belts for stock
  • salinity control
  • improved sustainability credentials for farm produce
  • access to new markets
  • diversification of income

Landholders with suitable high environmental value land can choose to enter agreements to conserve and manage biodiversity, and may be able to access a range of support and benefits depending on their location, such as:

  • diversification of income through ongoing conservation management payments
  • access to conservation management guidelines
  • access to conservation partner grants
  • periodic site visits
  • accessing experienced staff for assistance and advice, including about management actions
  • receiving regular newsletters
  • receiving information about funding and volunteer opportunities
  • being able to attend field days, meetings, workshops and social events
  • accessing the website for information and resources as well as an online forum
  • accessing a social network for landholders
  • education and capacity-building for looking after land under conservation
  • linking with other natural resource management agencies or groups (e.g. Local Land Services, Landcare)

The programs and support that the BCT will provide to landholders to encourage the conservation and management of land with high environmental value is guided by two key documents: