The BCT is committed to providing support to landholders to conserve biodiversity on private land across the state. We are dedicated to fostering public awareness and knowledge of biodiversity and the importance of conservation. Providing landholders and the community opportunities to engage in citizen science holds promise to advance these organisational goals. For landholders, engaging in citizen science can help you better understand what species are using your land and how, helping with conservation management. For researchers, citizen science forms an important part of the puzzle in understanding species distribution across the state. 

The BCT has developed a Citizen Science Strategy, available below, in partnership with the Australian Citizen Science Association. The Strategy recognises the importance of citizen science in achieving multiple of the BCT’s objectives, specifically, engaging private landholders and raising awareness of the biodiversity values over which they are stewards, and collecting rigorous data on the state and change in biodiversity to support effective conservation management. This Strategy has been designed to complement the BCT’s existing Education Program, as well as its Ecological Monitoring Module. Over the coming months, the BCT will begin to roll-out various citizen science projects through which BCT landholders and the wider community can get involved.

BCT Citizen Science Strategy
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BCT Citizen Science Strategy Sep 2022

Citizen Science

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