More ways to benefit from private land conservation

Conservation Management Program offers opens on 16 May 2018

On 16 May 2018, the BCT commenced Fixed Price Offers under its Conservation Management Program.

The BCT is now offering fixed price conservation management payments ($/ha/year) for landholders in priority investment areas who are willing to manage part of their land for conservation under a voluntary agreement.

Resources associated with Fixed Price Offers are available on this page.

Conservation Partners Program

The BCT has also commenced its Conservation Partners Program.
This program is for landholders wishing to enter into either a Wildlife Refuge Agreement or an in-perpetuity Conservation Agreement to protect and manage biodiversity on their land.

It is available for landholders who are not seeking or are ineligible for conservation management payments. Eligible properties will be offered in-perpetuity Conservation Agreements or Wildlife Refuge Agreements at no cost to the landholder.

Resources associated with the BCT's Conservation Partners Program are available on this page.

Conservation Partners Grants

Conservation Partners Grants are now available on an ongoing basis. All existing BCT agreement holders that do not receive annual conservation management payments are eligible to apply for grants.
Grants can assist landholders to maintain the ecological values of their properties. For example, a landholder may need funding to manage a weed outbreak or repair a fence to exclude stock.

The grants are also available to those participating in the Humane Society International’s (HSI) Wildlife Land Trust program.

Resources associated with Conservation Partners Grants are available on this page.