Information for new landholders wanting to offer credits to the BCT

If you are a landholder interested in establishing a biodiversity stewardship agreement (BSA) then the biodiversity credit open fixed price offer (Open FPO) and credit tenders may assist you. Through the Open FPO and tenders, the BCT can commit to buying your credits before you proceed with the costs of establishing the BSA. The credits are then purchased once the BSA site is established.

Participation in the Open FPO requires a feasibility assessment prepared by an accredited assessor. A feasibility assessment is a relatively low cost, initial assessment about whether a BSA is feasible on your land.

To participate in a credit tender you will require a business case for a BSA. The business case includes more detailed assessments of the site.

Before obtaining a feasibility assessment you can get a broad indication of whether the BCT has an interest in the credits that could be created on your land by referring to the Wanted Credits List. The Wanted Credits List can be searched with two key pieces of information:

Subregion where the property is located. The Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia (IBRA) subregion can be identified at a broad scale from the linked map. Select an IBRA Region to see the general location of subregions within the region.

Plant community types (PCTs). The PCTs likely to occur on your property can be indicated at a broad scale through regional vegetation maps. You can view regional vegetation mapping for your property through the Trees Near Me NSW app.  An initial enquiry to an accredited assessor could assist with this information. The regional maps are only a guide and a feasibility assessment will be required to verify the PCTs.

The above information will allow you to start searching the Wanted Credits List. The list is updated each time an open fixed price offer or credit tender is released.

If the Wanted Credits List identifies wanted credits that are possible for your property, then you may decide to discuss this further with an accredited assessor. A list of assessors is available here.

Summary of resources

The Landholder resources webpage provides a summary of the information available for selling credits to the BCT.