Conservation Management Program

The Conservation Management Program is the BCT's principal program, through which the NSW Government encourages and supports private landholders to manage their land for biodiversity conservation outcomes.


Under this program, the BCT uses the following three mechanisms - all voluntary - to encourage private land conservation in NSW

  1. Conservation Tenders - where landholders in high priority areas are invited to submit bids to be funded to manage nominated land for agreed conservation outcomes under Conservation Agreements. Find out more about the BCT's Conservation Tenders.
  2. Fixed Rate offers - where the BCT offers fixed rate payments for agreed conservation management actions ($ per hectare, per year) to secure land with high conservation value with ‘in-perpetuity’ Conservation Agreements. Find out more about the BCT's Fixed Rate Offers.
  3. A Revolving Fund - where the BCT purchases land that has high conservation value, applies management covenants on the property title and then sells the land. Find out more about the BCT's Revolving Fund.

What does this program target?

This program is guided by the investment principles and priority investment areas identified in the Minister for the Environment’s Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy (BCIS). Implementation will focus on the BCIS targets for private land conservation agreements:

  • protecting landscapes that are currently unrepresented and inadequately reserved in the protected area system
  • diversifying income for landholders in exchange for them undertaking conservation management actions.


What are the benefits for landholders?

This program provides a unique opportunity for successful landholders to secure an additional revenue stream to conserve and manage native vegetation and biodiversity on their land and to diversify their income.

Landholders who enter into Conservation Agreements under this program receive conservation management payments and access the BCT’s Landholder Technical Support Package.


Program Factsheet