Fixed Price Offers


What are fixed price offers?

The BCT offers a fixed price per hectare per year for the conservation of biodiversity in certain priority investment areas. These areas contain threatened ecological communities, habitat for threatened species and/or important wetlands. They are also underrepresented by public protected areas (e.g. National Parks).

Landholders in the fixed price offer areas can express interest at any time. The BCT aims to assess EOIs for the Fixed Price Offer on a value for money basis in two batches each year subject to investment allocation. However, due to the significant uptake of BCT programs to date and the BCT’s available investment budget, there will only be one batch during 2019-20, at the beginning of March 2020.  

Successful landholders can negotiate the conservation area and management actions with the BCT as part of their fixed price offer conservation agreement. Fixed price offer agreements are registered on the land title and are in-perpetuity.

All landholders with BCT agreements receive ongoing technical support. 


How do I know if I’m eligible?

To be eligible for a fixed price offer, the part of your land that you wish to have considered for conservation needs to:

  • be located in a fixed price offer area
  • be a minimum 50ha native vegetation that supports threatened species habitat*, OR
  • be a minimum of 20ha of Threatened Ecological Community*, OR
  • contain an important wetland* (no minimum size however must meet additional criteria)
  • be comprised of native vegetation that is in moderate to good condition. This will be determined by BCT field staff during site assessment applying established vegetation benchmark criteria

* You do not need to know if you manage ‘threatened species habitat’, ‘threatened ecological communities’ or ‘important wetlands’ to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a site assessment; the BCT will determine if you have these plants and animals during the site assessment.

What is the application process?

Landholders in an eligible area can apply to participate by sending a completed Expression of Interest (EOI) for a site assessment to the BCT. 

EOIs for a Fixed Price Offer can be submitted at any time. 

Expressing an interest does not create a binding obligation to proceed with participating in an agreement.

If a landholder is eligible and their land is ranked highly, BCT staff will be in touch to arrange a site assessment. 

Following the site assessment, landholders are provided with a conservation management plan based on the discussions during the site assessment, and invited to apply for a fixed price offer.

Landholders that own sites with the best value for money will be provided the opportunity to enter into an in-perpetuity conservation agreement.

Successful landholders will receive annual payments in-perpetuity once the agreement is registered on the land title.

Express your interest in a fixed price offer

To express your interest in a fixed price offer, please complete and return the expression of interest form (please download the form to be able to save your edits).

The BCT will next assess all Expressions of Interests (EOIs) received for its Fixed Price Offer at the beginning of March 2020. The highest-ranking sites will be prioritised for site assessment.

Fixed price offer resources