Apply for a funded agreement

We offer two mechanisms under our Conservation Management Program where landholders can apply for agreements with ongoing annual payments - conservation tenders and fixed price offers. These payments enable landholders to better manage and protect biodiversity on their land. Eligibility and conditions vary. 

Successful landholders can negotiate conservation area and management actions with the BCT as part of their conservation agreement. All landholders with BCT agreements receive ongoing technical support. 

Fixed price offers

The BCT offers fixed price offer agreements in specific high-priority areas in NSW. Expressions of interest are assessed twice a year and higher-ranking sites are prioritised for site assessments. Landholders in the fixed price offer area can express interest at any time.

Successful landholders receive a fixed price ($/hectare/year), which changes according to Local Government Area (LGA). Check out the schedule of rates here

To learn more about fixed price offers, view current eligible areas and submit an expression of interest, click here.


    Conservation tenders 

    The BCT runs conservation tenders throughout the year in targeted regions of the state. Conservation tenders are available to landholders in these areas who wish to set their own price to protect and manage biodiversity on their property. 

    Successful landholders will receive the annual conservation payments set in their bids for undertaking agreed conservation actions under a conservation agreement.

    Find out more and view current conservation tenders. 

    Benefits for landholders

    Landholders who enter into a conservation agreement under this program receive annual conservation management payments as set in their bid and receive ongoing technical support from the BCT.

    Express interest in a conservation tender

    The BCT runs conservation tenders throughout the year in targeted regions of the state.

    Check out our current conservation tender openings here.