What we do

The BCT’s mission is to maximise the biodiversity conservation outcomes achieved with the public and private resources entrusted in the BCT to support private land conservation, to deliver a healthy, productive and resilient environment across NSW.

The BCT’s purpose, as stated in the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, is to protect and enhance biodiversity by:

  • encouraging landholders to enter into co-operative arrangements for the management and protection of the natural environment that is significant for the conservation of biodiversity
  • seeking strategic biodiversity offset outcomes to compensate for the loss of biodiversity due to development and other activities
  • providing mechanisms for achieving the conservation of biodiversity
  • promoting public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of biodiversity, and the importance of conserving biodiversity.

The strategic goals of the Biodiversity Conservation Trust are to:

  • encourage landowners to enter agreements to conserve biodiversity and support productive landscapes
  • deliver a strategic biodiversity offsetting service
  • support our landholders to conserve biodiversity on their land
  • promote public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the value of biodiversity conservation
  • invest in our people to build an engaged, professional, customer-oriented high-performing organisation, focused on achieving the BCT’s purpose.

How we work

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) works in partnership with landholders to establish private land conservation agreements to conserve and manage high-value biodiversity on private land. We also seek strategic biodiversity offset outcomes to compensate for the loss of biodiversity due to development and other activities.

The BCT is required under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 to publish a business plan every four years, and an annual report on its activities, including goals, plans for achieving those goals, plans for investing money and managing returns, and data management. Additionally, annual reports include the progress made in the previous financial year against the goals identified in the BCT’s business plan. The BCT’s business plan can be found here.

Annual Reports 

  • Annual report 2017-18
    The annual report 2017-18 showcases the BCT's achievements in its first year of operation.
    Read or download the BCT's annual report 2017-18 (PDF).