Report on acquitted obligations

The BCT’s Biodiversity Offsets Program is responsible for securing biodiversity offsets on behalf of development proponents who opt to pay into the Biodiversity Conservation Fund (BCF) to meet NSW state and Commonwealth offset obligations of their development approval. If developers choose to pay into the BCF, the obligation to procure the biodiversity credits transfers to the BCT. 

The report on acquitted obligations provides information on the obligations that have been acquitted by the BCT. All obligations have been acquitted with like-for-like biodiversity credits under the offset rules. 

The term ‘obligation’ refers to a group of credits within a BCF payment that share the same credit trading characteristics.

Please note that the report only lists obligations that have been fully acquitted by the BCT. It does not include obligations that are not fully acquitted. There are therefore many other obligations held by the BCT that are not included in the report because they are still progressing towards full acquittal.

The report can be searched and filtered by clicking the icon in the header of each column.

The report will be updated on a quarterly basis once the required information has been collated.