White Leeds Station – managing and protecting ecosystems in the far west NSW

Owned by Margaret Mc Bride and Steve Radford, White Leeds Station is a 10,000 hectare property near Broken Hill. When Margaret and Steve purchased the property a large portion of the land was significantly degraded. Since then they have restored the land through developing infrastructure and implementing management practices that initially prevented further degradation and aimed to remediate and improve the quality of the environment and ecosystems.

With the assistance of grants, vigilant planning and infrastructure developments, Margaret and Steve diverted treated effluent water and stormwater on their property to an artificial wetland system creating a rich ecosystem to ensure a permanent refuge for wetland fauna. The creation of the wetlands aims to:

  • Create a legacy for future generations,
  • Restore and maintain natural water ways and expand the wetland environment,
  • Maintain and conserve ecosystems,
  • Protect the regions natural environment,
  • Provide a safe habitat for endangered species,
  • Enhance partnerships with key stakeholders,
  • Actively pursue and develop relationships with education, conservation and research institutions, and
  • Develop educational and training opportunities to share the unique Arid Zone Wetland experience.

Today, these wetlands sustain a haven for the worlds endangered and threatened species.



Image: White Leeds Wetlands, Broken Hill
Source: White Leeds Wetlands (Facebook)