Partnering with Rob and Wendy Gribble at Royland

Rob and Wendy Gribble have recently signed a conservation agreement for their property Royland, as part of the BCT’s fixed price offer.

Royland is situated on Dyers Range south east of Armidale. Rob and Wendy frequently visit the property and, travelling across from the coast, they enjoy the change in scenery and special sights like the wedge-tail eagles soaring across the escarpment. Royland contains critically endangered grassy box woodland that provides habitat for a range of threatened species such as the nationally endangered spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus).

The conservation agreement will guarantee Rob and Wendy a fixed price, per hectare, each year, for the continued protection and management of their conservation area, including control of invasive weeds and pest animals.

Rob and Wendy say it is a “great result to know that the flora and fauna on Royland will be permanently looked after under the conservation agreement”.

The BCT looks forward to continuing this partnership with Rob and Wendy. A part of this will be continued support, advice and site visits.