2017-18 highlights: a first promising year for the BCT

Today the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) released its annual report 2017-18 which showcases the BCT’s achievements in its first year of operation.

NSW has one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful natural environments, including its native plants and animals. Yet despite its natural wealth, the state has nearly 1,000 species on the verge of extinction. NSW Government investment in the BCT’s private land conservation program is helping to reverse this trend.

During the 2017-18 financial year the BCT launched its first Conservation Tenders, Fixed Price Offers, grants and other programs. By 30 June 2018, the BCT had entered 18 new funded and unfunded conservation agreements with landholders covering 4,871 hectares of land with high biodiversity values.

There has been and continues to be strong landholder interest in all BCT’s programs. This suggests the BCT’s programs are being effective and that the concept of earning income to conserve biodiversity is appealing to many landholders.

Read or download the BCT’s 2017-18 annual report (PDF).