Current fixed price offer area maps

Fixed price offers are available to landholders with high biodiversity conservation values on their land in certain parts of NSW. Landholders in an eligible area (see maps below) who are wishing to enter a funded, in-perpetuity conservation agreement can express interest in a fixed price offer at any time. Find out more


Maps of eligible areas in NSW

You can view the parts of NSW where the BCT is currently making a fixed price offer through the online interactive map or the regional maps provided below. If you have a property in the mapped area and think you have or may have important native plants and animals on parts of your property, you may wish to participate. 



Map 1 - NSW state wide 

Fixed price offer state wide map

Map 2 - Central and Eastern Division NSW

Fixed price offer central and eastern map

Map 3 - Western Division NSW

Fixed price offer Western Division map


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