Credit open fixed price offer

Open fixed price offer – date to be confirmed


In an open fixed price offer (Open FPO), the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust offers applicants a price for which it wants to buy credits. 

Credit owners or landholders apply to obtain the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust's offer price.

The open fixed price offer is available for a broad range of credits across the state. 

The Biodiversity Credit Open Fixed Price Offer is available to applicants who:

  • own existing credits created under the current Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (termed BAM credits); or
  • own existing credits created under the former BioBanking Scheme (termed BBAM credits) and have obtained a statement of reasonable credit equivalence to determine the equivalent number of BAM credits; or
  • are landholders establishing a BSA who have obtained a Feasibility Assessment as a minimum level of assessment.

Participants guide: Applicants for the Open FPO are required to have read the relevant Open FPO Participants Guide which will be released two weeks before the program opens. In the interim, the December 2022 Open FPO Participants Guide [.pdf] is available for reference.

Help for new landholders: Interested landholders can refer to the BCT’s Information for new landholders wanting to offer credits to the BCT webpage. The webpage includes a link to a map to assist in determining the subregion in which your property is located.

Important dates

Open FPO - dates to be confirmed

Credit Offer Portal

Click 'Credit Offer Portal' above to view the Wanted Credits List and submit an application.  

Applications for the Open FPO must be submitted by a date, yet to be confirmed.