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Conservation partners grant application

Requirements/Points To Be Noted

Before preparing an application, please read the guidelines provided on the BCT website.
Please fill in the information as accurately as possible and contact the BCT at 1300 992 688 if you require assistance.


  • Your ABN (if applicable).
  • Consent of the owner (s). The owner(s) is required to sign the Grant Agreement and supply bank account details to receive funding if the application is successful.
  • To allocate funds to each work type for each year (not just total yearly funds requested).
  • If you are not registered for GST, include total costs payable by you for the activities (including any GST if applicable).
  • If you are registered for GST, to include GST exclusive costs.
  • Attach quotes for purchase of materials and all work by contractors.

Points To Be Noted

  • Payment for your own labour is not eligible.
  • If your application involves funding for activities where you are going to use chemicals, you must have the minimum chemical handling qualifications. See the Conservation Partners Grants Guidelines for details. Refer to guidelines at the bottom of the grants page.
  • Funding is available for up to 3 years, and the first year of funding starts when the grant is accepted by the signing of the Grant Agreement. Funding does not run by calendar years or financial years.
I agree that I have read all the above requirements and points carefully before proceeding to fill out the form.

Applicant Details

Are you registered for GST?