Landholder Technical Support Package

The BCT’s Landholder Technical Support Package provides ongoing support to landholders with private land Conservation Agreements.

The package includes measures that help landholders to access advice and assistance.

Landholders who have an existing agreement or are entering into a new agreement to conserve biodiversity will be able to access a range of support and benefits depending on their location, such as:

  • accessing staff for assistance and advice, including about management actions

  • periodic site visits, including agreement and ecological monitoring

  • receiving regular newsletters

  • receiving information about funding and volunteer opportunities

  • being able to attend field days, meetings, workshops and social events

  • education and capacity building for looking after land under conservation, and

  • linking with other natural resource management agencies or groups (e.g. Local Land Services, Landcare).

For more information, contact us to learn about the support you receive when you set up a Conservation Agreement on your property at or call 1300 992 688.