Landholder Technical Support

The Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) supports landholders to better manage biodiversity on their land. Our regional staff work in partnership with landholders across NSW to establish and manage private land conservation agreements. These agreements are shaped according to specific landholder needs and come with a range of technical, financial and practical support.

The BCT provides practical assistance to existing and new agreement landholders. We provide advice on conservation management issues, including identification of species, technical guidance on management options, and monitoring the ecological outcomes achieved.

BCT agreement holders have access to:

  • ongoing support from our staff and ecologists
  • links to groups and organisations involved in conservation
  • invitations to workshops and local field days
  • regular BCT updates, and
  • access to further information on our programs through our website.

The BCT are committed to working alongside landholders who have conservation agreements to support their valuable efforts and maximise the conservation outcomes they can achieve.

Our landholder support officers are keen to share in the discovery of a new species of plant or animal. They can help you log species, record sightings or link with other people across the region to share stories.  We can link you up with experienced staff in other agencies who can assist with issues such as weed and pest management. We are also happy to share in your successes, if you have particular achievements or challenges in managing a conservation area we can learn from talking with you and sharing that knowledge.

For more information about landholder support, see our landholder technical support factsheet.

To be put in touch with your regional staff or for any specific questions or ideas, contact us by phone on 1300 992 688 or email