Conservation Grants

The BCT’s Conservation Partners Grants aim to assist BCT agreement holders to actively protect or improve the ecological value of their properties. 

BCT agreement holders that do not receive annual conservation management payments can apply for a grant at any time.

Landholders participating in the Community Environment Network’s Land for Wildlife program or Humane Society International’s Wildlife Land Trust program are also eligible to apply for grants from the BCT

Am I eligible for a grant?

You can apply for a grant if you have one of the following agreements to protect private land conservation values in NSW:

  • Unfunded Conservation Agreement
  • Trust Agreement
  • Registered Property Agreement
  • Wildlife Refuge
  • participation in the Community Environment Network’s (CEN) Land for Wildlife program
    participation in the Humane Society International’s (HSI) Wildlife Land Trust program

You can only apply if you are not receiving conservation management payments under the Conservation Management Program.

What will be funded?

The following activities are supported:

  • Fencing—installation, repairs or replacement of wildlife-friendly conservation-related fencing (to control stock access)
  • Weed control
  • Introduced pest animal control
  • Supplementary planting, revegetation or vegetation enhancement
  • Habitat restoration—such as nest boxes, addition of ground layer including logs, rocks
  • Other maintenance—such as tracks or erosion control needed to maintain conservation value

For some activities (See the Guide for Applicants - Conservation Partners Grants available on this page for more details), a site visit will be needed before you apply so that a BCT Landholder Support Officer can discuss with you what activities you want to undertake.

Works already completed or funded from another source will not be eligible for a grant.

If you are unsure of the activities required to improve the ecological condition of your land and would like to request a site visit, please contact the BCT (if you have a BCT agreement).

What funding can I get?

Applications will be funded if they are eligible, complete and meet the assessment criteria, and if the BCT has available funding.

There are three levels of funding available:

  1. Up to $15,000 per year for up to three years for landholders with in-perpetuity Conservation Agreements, Trust Agreements, Registered Property Agreements.

  2. Up to $8,000 per year for up to three years for landholders with a term Registered Property Agreement.

  3. Up to $2,000 per year for up to three years for landholders with a Wildlife Refuge, or who are members of Land for Wildlife or Wildlife Land Trust.

What will I need to contribute?

Contributions from landholders such as labour or co-contributions are encouraged. You can also request funding for your own labour, under certain conditions.

When can I apply?

Eligible landholders can apply for grants at any time (see under What will be funded?)

How will my application be assessed?

You will need to complete a grant application form (available here), providing costing and details of the works you are proposing.

Applications will be assessed against the following pass/fail criteria:

  • The need for the activity has been demonstrated—either by it being identified in the management plan for the agreement, or because you have made a separate case that funding is needed because new circumstances have arisen.
  • The activity is good value for money as it is a reasonable cost compared to similar activities.
  • The approach to undertaking the activity is sound and it will deliver results to maintain the conservation values of the property.


What will I need to do if successful?

If you receive a grant, you will need to sign an agreement or letter (for smaller grants). You will then receive the first grant installment to begin the agreed works. You will need to report on the works and acquit the grant.


Apply for a Conservation Partners Grant

To apply for a Conservation Partners Grant, please send us a completed Application form, available here.