Buy & Sell Land

Each time we sell rural property, we operate what’s known as a REVOLVING FUND. A revolving fund is a mechanism that enables us to:

  • buy rural land with both ecological and commercial value
  • create a covenant (Trust Agreement) that recognises the land’s conservation value
  • re-sell the rural property to a buyer with a passion for conservation.

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Buying & selling rural property in NSW

As with any real estate, the property we buy and sell is subject to market fluctuations.
Before purchasing a rural property for sale a sound business case is made for the property purchase. All purchases require NCT Board approval.

Criteria to buy rural property in NSW

Just as we apply a set of criteria when establishing a TRUST AGREEMENT, a REVOLVING FUND property must also meet key criteria to ensure environmental standards are met. Plus, the market potential of the rural property that will be for sale in NSW is also taken into consideration.

Click here for more information on about the Conservation Criteria that are considered prior to purchase.

Our revolving fund has a range of properties for different kinds of buyers:

1. The Lifestyle buyer – Tree changers

We aim to have a selection of properties for buyers that are seeking to own a property that has a conservation area but also enables a tree change lifestyle. These properties usually lend themselves to hobby farms, weekend retreats or are suitable for eco-tourism ventures.

They are usually  smaller than 500 hectares (1,200 acres)

The price: usually below $500,000.

2. The Conservation Agriculture buyer – Sustainable farmers

Our portfolio aims to include productive farms that contain conservation areas that are compatible with a practical farm plan. These rural properties provide examples of how conservation can be integrated into an agricultural business.

They are usually seeking a property larger than 1200 hectares.

The price: $500,000+.

3. The Conservation buyer – Private national parks

We also aim to have rural land for sale that is an exclusive conservation property. These properties have very high conservation values, however may have little or no development potential due to their location or particularly sensitive ecological attributes. These properties are akin to private national parks and vary in size and price.
The price: $6-700,00+
See our rural properties for sale.

We advertise rural properties for sale via two major campaigns in Spring and Autumn each year via:

  • print media
  • social media
  • online advertising

We could've bought a block anywhere but the main advantage of buying through the Nature Conservation Trust is that they've done all the legwork and we feel we're not alone; there's a great team to support us.Louise Freckelton, owner Highfields near Adelong & Wagga

The Revolving Fund team is led by Adam Dawson in the Lismore office.

To contact Adam email