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Landholders interested in generating biodiversity credits from their land

If you are a landholder, company or Council you may wish to consider managing your land to generate biodiversity credits. To do this, a landholder needs to enter into a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement, which is a voluntary Agreement between the Minister for the Environment and a landholder to permanently protect and manage an area of land to improve its biodiversity values. A Stewardship Site will generate biodiversity credits which represent the expected improvement in biodiversity that will result from the protection and management of the site. A landholder can sell the biodiversity credits to developers or to the BCT and the landholder will receive payments in return for doing management actions on the property.

The BCT will provide support to landholders interested in setting up Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements on their land. Information about this process and the four key steps landholders need to know to establish a biodiversity stewardship site and sell biodiversity credits can be viewed on OEH’s website http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/biodiversity/offsetsscheme.htm

The process recommends the landholder seek early advice from an accredited assessor to identify the likely types of biodiversity credits that will be generated on the land. If the landholder wishes to proceed to the next step, they then engage the services of an accredited assessor to apply the Biodiversity Assessment method (BAM) to calculate the type and number of biodiversity credits that could be generated. This information will be detailed in a Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment report produced by the accredited assessor.

A list of accredited assessors is maintained via OEH’s website and can be viewed at https://customer.lmbc.nsw.gov.au/assessment/AccreditedAssessor. Landholders are able to contact accredited assessors to seek advice and engage their services to conduct the biodiversity assessment and produce the reports needed to complete a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement Application.

For more information on exploring how to apply for a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement, please complete the enquiry form.

You can also download our brochure on Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements [PDF, 661kb]