The benefits for agriculture

Private land conservation is growing in global standing as a cornerstone of agricultural sustainability. Increasingly, farm producers are becoming aware of the integral role that a healthy landscape, including its biodiversity, plays in land and farm productivity.

Some of the benefits for farmers who participate in private land conservation are:

  • the potential to expand your business markets by positioning your agribusiness and its produce as having sustainable credentials and delivering on corporate social responsibility
  • direct improvements in land and farm productivity by addressing key threats such as weeds and pests
  • dealing with threats posed by pests through strategies that increase survival rates of stock while helping native animals to prosper
  • understanding the right levels of grazing pressure on native grasslands that help to continue growth and avoid the effects of over-grazing, including the loss of top-soil and the cost of importing feed
  • improving risk strategies in farm planning, which are considered by finance and insurance brokers and companies, and thereby possibly gaining better access to finance for business growth and reducing premiums in the future
  • having access to the latest in research from leading bodies including the CSIRO, Fenner School at the Australian National University and other leading research facilities on practices that improve land and farm productivity whilst protecting biodiversity
  • developing future eco-tourism opportunities to diversify income streams and help support greater community interest in visiting places where farming and native vegetation work together
  • tools to better market your produce, including support around branding and marketing to help reach markets that want to know the story behind the products they buy
  • potentially broadening farm income sources by diversifying activity to include protection and conservation in conjunction with grazing and cropping activities
  • being connected with other landholders across NSW who are also protecting their land, so you can share experiences and knowledge.

As a landholder, we are inviting you to become a partner in our program that will engage with and help support your hard work on your property, while also addressing critical environmental challenges.

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