The BCT's Revolving Fund

The BCT maintains a Revolving Fund to purchase properties with biodiversity conservation values that are for sale in the real estate market, by referral or through expressions of interest. Depending on the circumstances, the BCT prepares either a funded or unfunded Conservation Agreement over the high conservation value parts of the property, before returning the property to the market for sale. Purchasers must be willing to buy the property knowing it comes with conservation management responsibilities. View conservation properties that are for sale.

What is a Revolving Fund?

A revolving fund is a fund that is continually replenished as withdrawals are made. The proceeds from the sale of acquired properties are used to buy further properties. In the BCT’s case, a revolving fund is used for the BCT’s objectives to place property with conservation values under an appropriate private land conservation agreement.

How does the BCT’s Revolving Fund work?

The BCT has allocated $15 million to its Revolving Fund. The BCT participates in the real estate market in the following ways:

  • Identifies, assesses and purchases properties that are for sale within priority investment areas or which contain conservation assets.
  • Puts in place appropriate arrangements to conserve and manage the biodiversity values of the properties.
  • Depending on the circumstances, this can occur by establishing a funded or unfunded permanent Conservation Agreement on a property, or a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement if there is an opportunity to generate and sell biodiversity credits.

The properties are then sold to new owners who are willing to undertake the conservation management requirements of the agreements. The proceeds from sales are returned to the BCTs Revolving Fund and are reused to buy and protect further high conservation-value properties.

The BCT uses digital channels and traditional marketing to sell properties. Prospective sellers can register an interest to sell suitable property to the BCT.

Buyers can also register their interest to purchase property from the BCT. 

If you buy a property with a funded Conservation Agreement or biodiversity stewardship agreement in place, you will receive annual payments. If you purchase a property with an unfunded Conservation Agreement, you may be eligible to receive Conservation Partners Grants to assist with conservation management actions. 


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