Apply for a biodiversity stewardship agreement

If you wish to use your land to generate and sell Biodiversity Credits under the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme, you might want to apply for a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement with the BCT. Find out more


Submit an Expression of Interest

Before applying for a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement, you might want to consider submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). This will allow you to identify potential interested purchasers before proceeding with establishing a BSA.

This is an optional step. You can proceed directly to a BSA, however most landholders will want to identify firm buyers for their credits before establishing a BSA. Learn more about the process to enter a BSA with us here. 

If you chose to advertise your interest in setting up a BSA on the EOI register, please complete and return the Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

Apply directly

To directly apply for a biodiversity stewardship agreement, please complete the application form.

Vary a BSA on your land

To vary a biodiversity stewardship agreement on your land, please contact the BCT first to discuss the variation and supporting documents required. 


    Application fees for a new BSA or to vary a BSA are due at the time of submission. The fee schedule can be found here.

    The most recent version of the Total Fund Deposit Calculator for Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements is available for download from the Environment, Energy and Science website.

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